Men’s Sundowner

Men are also special – and you can take that as you will. Us men have our own gender-specific needs too. You can read and discuss as much as you want, but the maintstream opinion isn’t always what’s edifying for us as Christians. That’s why our discussions also cover the every-day issues.

We meet approximately every other month on a Friday night at 8 pm at the inn Gasthaus zur Schießstätte, Hofbuchetstraße 4, in Starnberg. It’s not just about discussings, but we meet to eat and drink.

All men are very welcome to simply drop in.



Unser Jahresprogramm 2017

Jahresthema: Im Gespräch ...    
28. April ... mit Arbeitskollegen  
30. Juni - 2. Juli Männer-Wochenende  
21. Juli ... mit der eigenen Frau  
16. September Ausflug per pedes oder Pedale  
10. November ... mit den Kindern  
15. Dezember Jahresplanung 2018, anschließend Bowlen